Olive Oil

In Biblical times, Olive Oil was a precious and sacred commodity for the Jews. It was used for healing, cooking, lighting lamps, soaps and cosmetics. It was used to anoint kings and priests. It was used to honor God and men (Judges 9:9).

Today, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the staple of the Mediterranean diet which is considered to be the best and healthiest of diets. According to Dr. Axe, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the following 8 benefits:

  1. Protects Heart Health
  2. Helps fight Cancer
  3. Helps with weight loss and obesity prevention
  4. Supports brain health
  5. Fights mood disorders and depression
  6. Naturally slows aging
  7. May help lower risk of Diabetes
  8. Is associated with lower breast cancer risk

The next time you visit the supermarket, choose a bottle of Extra Virgin Oil because it has more benefits than the other varieties.

Source: Dr. Axe

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