Dushan’s Gift

“How are you enjoying our time in Rome?” Dushan asked Chioma. “I love it. It’s a captivating city with dazzling fountains.” “Speaking of dazzling, here’s something I bought for you.” Her eyes widened when she saw the bracelet. “It’s exquisite!” “It’s the Rose gold bracelet.” After helping her put it on, they kissed. 53 Words… Read More Dushan’s Gift

The Mission

“What’s this?” Nick asked, chuckling. “It’s the neighborhood makeshift lunch table.” “Very innovative. Your idea?” “Yes.” “Thought so.” “Aren’t you forgetting something?” “Oh yes…” He kissed her. “You sure know make a girl’s head spin.” “I’ve some news that will make your head spin too.” “What news?” “I’m going on my first mission trip.” “Where?”… Read More The Mission