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Celebrate “God’s Legacy of Love” through ASAP Ministries!

On October 23-24, 2020, ASAP Ministries is celebrating 25 years of mission with a special live/virtual event, “God’s Legacy of Love.” Join us as we reflect on God’s faithfulness, draw fresh inspiration from His leading in the gospel work in the 10/40 Window, and rejoice over lives changed and souls won for His kingdom. We hope to see you at this special event, but it will be livestreamed for those who are unable to join in person.

Read on or download the event flyer for details about speakers, location, and livestreaming options.


Schedule of Events

Friday, October 23

6:00 PMVirtual Prayer Meeting featuring Pr. Martin Kim and Gem Castor
 Join via Zoom (enter meeting ID 827 3139 6347) or Facebook Live

Saturday, October 24

9:25 AMSabbath School featuring Pr. Scott Griswold and a panel discussion on education with Pr. and Mrs. Ron Kelly, Dr. Bruce Bauer, and others
10:40 AMDivine Service featuring Elder Dean Coridan
2:00 PMTestimonies, Mission Features, Music, and Prayer
 Attend all Saturday programming in person at the Stevensville Seventh-day Adventist Church* or watch via livestream
*Located at 6657 Stevensville Baroda Rd, Stevensville MI 49127. Please maintain social distancing and wear a face mask if attending in person.
Join Us to Help Stop the Violence!
Dear Friends,
Abuse can happen anywhere, even in faith communities. You probably know someone who has suffered abuse. Pretending that abuse does not exist in “my church, school, community or home” only perpetuates its continuance. Learn what to do and how to help. 
The 2020 Virtual Summit on Abuse (November 13) will provide valuable training that will equip and prepare you for when abuse occurs. You can make a difference. The 2020 keynote speaker will be Mary Demuth, author of “WeToo: How the Church can respond redemptively to the sexual abuse crisis.” Click here to learn more about her.
Creating safe churches and communities starts with being informed. Together, we can keep the people in your church, school, camp, and community safe.
This year’s topics include:
·         Abuse in Faith Communities – Mary DeMuth
·         Church Toolkit: Practical Tips & Resources for Safe Churches and Schools – Rene Drumm
·         How to Protect Children and Youth – Ingrid Slikkers
·         Digging out of the Pit of Spiritual Abuse – Doug Tilstra
Registration is FREE for anyone who wishes to participate. All are welcome to register and watch. Learn more and register for thisevent below!
Please use your digital influence to help us spread the word about this important event! Click here to download a promotions packet of social media posts and images you can use or adapt for your community.
Learn More & Register!
Erica Jones
Assistant Director of Women’s Ministries
North American Division
P.S. Please forward this email to anyone who may be interested in attending.

Usted puede poner fin a la violencia.
Apreciados amigos:
El abuso puede producirse en cualquier parte, aun en la iglesia. Puede que conozcan a alguien que ha sufrido abuso. Pretender que el abuso no existe en “mi iglesia, escuela, comunidad u hogar” solo perpetúa su continuación. Sepa qué hacer y cómo ayudar.
La conferencia virtual sobre Abuso 2020 (14 de noviembre) brindará capacitación valiosa que lo equipará a preparará cuando se produzca el abuso. Usted puede marcar una diferencia. La creación de iglesias y comunidades seguras comienza con estar informado. Juntos, podemos mantener seguras a las personas de su iglesia, escuela, campamento y comunidad.
Los temas de este año incluyen:
·         Abuso en las comunidades religiosas – Mary DeMuth 
·         Herramientas para la iglesia: Consejos prácticos y recursos para tener iglesias y escuelas seguras – Alberto Ingleton
·         Cómo proteger a los niños y jóvenes – Julian Melgosa
·         Cómo salir del pozo del abuso espiritual – Jorge Rico
La inscripción es gratuita para todo el que desee participar. Todos son bienvenidos de registrarse y mirar el programa.
Para saber más y registrarse para este evento GRATUITO transmitido en vivo en línea. 
Si quiere saber más
Erica Jones
Assistant Director of Women’s Ministries
North American Division
P.D. Por favor, envíe este correo electrónico a todo el que pueda interesarse en asistir.