Olive Oil

In Biblical times, Olive Oil was a precious and sacred commodity for the Jews. It was used for healing, cooking, lighting lamps, soaps and cosmetics. It was used to anoint kings and priests. It was used to honor God and men (Judges 9:9). Today, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the staple of the Mediterranean diet… Read More Olive Oil


Then Isaiah said, “Take a lump of figs.” So they took and laid it on the boil, and he recovered – 2 Kings 20:7, NKJV. King Hezekiah had a boil that was serious enough to kill him but he prayed and begged God to let him live and God answered his prayer. God promised that… Read More Figs


Dog-tired, Maddie slowly climbed the stairs, carrying bags of groceries.  This week, she had worked three consecutive 12 hour shifts, from 7:00pm to 7:00am. After she left the hospital, she had a long bus ride home and then had to stop at the supermarket. She let herself into her small apartment and headed for the kitchen. … Read More Tired