Bible Study

Your Word, O Lord, is there to teach, encourage, correct and guide me.

Studying the Bible is the next best thing to reading it.  You get a lot out of studying the characters and their stories.  We learn from their mistakes, triumphs, tragedies and challenges.  In this Bible Study, we will study the different women of the Bible in no particular order.



Women of the Bible







Widow of Zarephath

Canaanite Woman





Mary the Mother of Jesus




Romans is a book of redemption.  It contains spiritual knowledge from God to us that we need to study and apply.  In it, we have a greater revelation of God’s work in our lives and the hope of salvation that we who apply the same will realize it’s part of scripture and that as such, it belongs among the instructions God has created for us to follow.

It was the book of Romans which changed Martin Luther’s life.  The text, “the just shall live by faith (Romans 1:17) is what opened his eyes to the truth that his acceptance with God wasn’t based on on his works nor on his bodily mortification or his deeds but on the merits of Christ.  Salvation comes by faith not works.

This is a Bible study of this epistle written by the apostle Paul who was called to be an apostle by God to share the Gospel which he once opposed.

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