International Women’s Day 2022

Ever wondered how International Women’s Day began? Well, the woman behind the annual day of recognition of women was Theresa Malkiel, a Russian-born Jewish woman living in New York City. As head of the Woman’s National Committee of the Socialist Party of America (SPA), she established an annual National Woman’s Day which was the precursor to International Women’s Day. Theresa… Read More International Women’s Day 2022


She is mentioned three times in the Book of Esther. Zeresh was the wife of Haman, the Agagite, the “enemy of the Jews” because of his deep hatred for Mordecai, the Jew who refused to bow and pay homage to him like everyone else. When Haman’s joy at being invited by the Queen Esther to… Read More Zeresh

Other Holocaust Victims

Perhaps, it’s something many of us are unaware of but it’s written in ink that Afro-Germans were also victims of the Holocaust.” 22 Words In Mein Kampf, Hitler blamed the Jews for bringing the Negroes to the Rhineland for the specific purpose of ruining the white race.   Source: Holocaust Center


My husband, Jon and I are on a two-day tour of North-Western part of Peloponnese. We arrived by car this morning and are staying at the Maison Grecque Hotel in the center of Patra. Patra, which is the third largest city in Greece is the capital city of Achaia. After we check in and leave our… Read More Achaia