Tanner and Melania Go For a Drive

Melania was waiting for Tanner. It had rained the night before and had washed away what little snow was still there. It wasn’t cold but she was wearing a leather jacket. It was Sunday afternoon. Yesterday, she had gone to Uncle Betty’s Diner with Matt and Cam to celebrate his getting full custody of his son.

They had a nice time. Cam loved the Cap’n Crunch chicken fingers. Afterwards, they went to the park where they spent an hour before Matt dropped her home. They didn’t kiss goodbye that time because of Cam and Melania was relieved. It bothered her that she wasn’t feeling what she used to feel for Matt. She knew why and it made her feel guilty.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Tanner’s car pulled up. She walked around the puddle when he stopped. He got out of the car to open the passenger side door for her. Their eyes met. “Hello,” she said.

“Hello, Lana.” After closing the door, he walked quickly around to the driver’s side and got in.

“Aren’t you cold?” Melania asked him when she saw that he was wearing a short sleeved tee shirt and had the top of the car down.

“No, I’m not but I’ll put the top back up if you’re feeling cold.”

“No, it’s okay. It’s not really cold and the fresh air will do me good.”

He rested his arms on the steering wheel as he turned his head towards her. “What’s the matter, Lana?”

“Nothing,” she said as she fastened her seatbelt.

He wasn’t convinced. Something was eating at her. “Is it Matt?” he asked as he pulled out of the compound and into traffic.

“I told you that nothing’s wrong.”

“I know you, Lana and I can tell that something is bothering you. Does it have anything to do with Matt?”

“We didn’t have a falling out or anything like that. We saw each other on Sunday. I invited him for lunch and he told me that Gina gave him full custody of Cam.”

“That’s great. I’m sure Matt must be thrilled.”

“Yes, he is. He took Cam and me out yesterday to celebrate.”

“I met Cameron. He’s a really sweet kid.”

Melania glanced at him. “Yes, he is. Matt told me that you and Gina are dating.”

“He told you that?”

“Yes. He said that when Gina went to pick Cam up the Sunday before the last that you were with her. He also told me that you were at the house when he stopped by. He said that you were still there when he left at eight.”


“What time did you leave?”

“Just after nine, I think.”

“What were you and she doing while Cam was sleeping?”

“We talked.”

“What could the two of you possibly find to talk about?”

“We talked about all sorts of things.”

“How could you stand to be around her?”

“You really dislike her, don’t you?”


“Is Matt the only reason for your animosity towards her?”

“No. I don’t like the idea of you dating her.” As a matter of fact, she hated the idea.


“I–I just think that you could do better.”

“Better than Gina?”


“I see. Well, as I said, she’s available and we have been seeing more of each other.”

Melania didn’t answer. What more could she say? She wrapped her arms about her.

Tanner noticed and put the top back up. “Lana, I don’t want Gina to come between us. I don’t want my relationship with her to affect our friendship.”

Melania looked at him. “Your relationship with her? So, it’s a relationship now?”

“Ok, my association with her. I don’t want it to affect you and me.”

“I don’t want that either.”

“Let’s not talk about Matt or Gina anymore. It’s a beautiful day. Let’s just enjoy it.”

“That’s fine with me.”

They drove to Kawartha Lakes where they spent a couple of hours. They visited Horseless Carriage Museum, Kawartha Settlers Village and Balsam Lake Provincial Park and had lunch at Boston Pizza.

Sources: Culture Trip; Canadian Affair

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