Making Decisions & Future Plans

The test had come back negative. She wasn’t pregnant. She had hoped she was because of her late period and the metallic taste in mouth which turned out to as a result of the over-the-counter multi-vitamins she was taking. Bitter disappointment had filled her when she saw the one horizontal line on the display of the pregnancy test. After staring at it for several minutes, she threw it in the garbage.

And this morning, her period came. How she hated the wretched thing. Why did women have to deal with it every month. Now, she couldn’t have sex with Thao and by the time the wretched thing was over, she would be on her way back to Da Nang. Damn.

She was alone in the house for the moment. Thao’s housekeeper was somewhere in the garden and he was probably on his way home from the office. How she wished she didn’t have to go back to Da Nang. Why couldn’t she stay here? Why shouldn’t she pack up and move here? Her family and his his never understood why they lived apart. She could always find a job here. And, if she were living here, then, she could have him get rid of the wretched housekeeper and hire another one who had her own living arrangements.

This evening after dinner, she and Thao would go into the study where they couldn’t be disturbed and she would tell him that she had decided to move to Seattle to be with him. She didn’t want them to live apart anymore. She wanted to share his bed all the time, not just one month in the summer. And once she moved in here, she could try getting pregnant again. She smiled at the thought of having Thao’s child growing inside her.

Thao sat in his car, waiting for the light to change from red. He dreaded going home because of Linh and the possibility that she might be pregnant. If she were, it was all over between Marguerite and him. He knew that she meant when she said that she would move out. He closed his eyes briefly at the thought. He couldn’t imagine not waking up in the mornings and going downstairs and not seeing her. He couldn’t imagine lying in his bed, thinking about her living miles away instead of there at the house. He would pass her bedroom which would be empty but the memories would still be there, haunting him. Memories of them making love.

He hoped with all his heart that Linh wasn’t pregnant and if she wasn’t, he would ask for a divorce. This evening after dinner, he was going to ask her point blank about the pregnancy test. If she said that it was positive, he would take her to his doctor to confirm.

If it turned out that Linh was pregnant, he would have to make arrangements for her to move to Seattle and live with him. That meant Marguerite would have to leave. She couldn’t be expected to stay there and take care of him and his pregnant wife. And she wouldn’t do it, not even out of love for him. And out of love for her, he wouldn’t ask her to.

For the umpteenth time, he wished he had met Marguerite first. If he had, he would be married to her instead of Linh and they probably would have at least one child by now. Yes, their life together would be one of total bliss. Sighing heavily, he stepped on the accelerator as the light changed to green.

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