“You’re late!” “Sorry.” “Where were you?” “At Bookmongers.”  “Again?  Why do you go there so often?” “I’ve something called vellichor.” “Vellichor?” she exclaimed.  “Is it contagious?” He chuckled.  “No.  It’s the nostalgia you feel in a used bookstore.”  “How about feeling some of that nostalgia for our relationship?” 48 Words This was written for the… Read More Nostalgia

Devastating News

“I’m devastated to hear about Douglas and you,” Liz said to Ronda as they sat outside of Liz’s home.  Everyone else had gone to the baseball game. Ronda held back the tears.  “After fifteen years of marriage, we’re getting divorced.  Who would have expected that?” Liz squeezed her hand.  “I can’t imagine how you must… Read More Devastating News