Cate’s Revelation

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Cate didn’t share her news with Edward on the day he took her home from the hospital. In fact, it wasn’t until about a couple of weeks later that she said to him, “I have some news I wanted to share with you before I tell Mother and Dad.” They were at her flat. Edward had stopped by to see how she was doing.

“What is your news?”

“I’m going to join a convent.”

He glanced at her. “What?”

“I’m going to join a convent.”

He was about to ask her if she was serious when he saw from the expression on her face that she was. “Why?” he wondered incredulously.

“I want to serve God.”

“You can serve Him without having to join a convent.”

“That’s what Doctor Forester said.”

“You spoke to him about this?”

“Yes, I told him about it.”

“And what did he think?”

“He didn’t think I was serious at first and then, he told me to mention it to you.”

“Do you really think living in a convent is for you, Cate?”

“I know that I’m the very last person you would expect would want to become a nun but I’ve prayed about it.”

“And you’ve made up your mind that it’s what you want.”

“Yes. I know that Mother and Dad will be shocked.”

“I think everyone will be shocked.”

“They’ll get over it.”

“Cate, if this is what you really want–“

“It is,” she quickly assured him.

“Don’t you want to get married and have children in the future?”


“Why not, Cate? You’re young. You may meet someone and–“

“No, Edward, I can’t get married and I can’t have children.”

He stared at her. She had become very pale. Alarmed, he went over to her. “What’s the matter, Cate?”

“When Derrick and I were seeing each other, I thought I was pregnant so I went to see the doctor instead of taking a home pregnancy test.”

Edward was shocked. “You were pregnant?” he exclaimed.

“No. After the doctor examined me and informed me that I wasn’t pregnant, he told me that I have an unusually shaped uterus which can affect implantation and the ability to carry a pregnancy to term. So, you see, Edward, I can’t give Derrick or Boris or any other man children.” She brushed a tear away.

“Oh, Cate,” Edward muttered and he hugged her. “I’m so sorry.”

She closed her eyes and hugged him back. Then, she pulled away. “Don’t be,” she said. “As I said, I’m not meant for marriage and children.”

“Is this why you’ve decided to become a nun?”

“Yes. I’ll be like Anna who, after losing her husband, spent the rest of her life serving God. I can’t be a wife or a mother but I can be His servant.”

Edward looked her in the face and said, “I want you to know that you have my support.”

“Thank you, Edward.” She hugged him again.

After completing her outpatient treatment and selling her flat, Cate joined an order which she felt would best suit her. Not surprisingly, the rest of her family objected strongly to her decision to become a nun but she was determined to follow what she believed to be her calling in life. Only Edward supported her. She promised that she would keep in touch with him through letters. It would be years before they saw each other again.

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