Addalyn’s Visitor

“So, the painters are coming on Wednesday,” Addalyn said. “It will be nice when the place is finally touched up. I’ve been trying to get it done

“That’s good that it will be finished before Christmas,” Leila remarked. “So, what are your plans for Christmas this year?”

“I don’t know. I guess I will curl up with a good book and watch lots of Hallmark movies.”

“I wish you could come with us to Boston.”

“Thanks but I’ll be fine.”

“I wonder what kind of Christmas Don will have now that you two have broken up.”

“I guess he’ll go to New York and spend it with his family.”

“Why did you and he break up?”

“I met someone.”

Leila’s eyebrows arched. “Really? Who is he, when and where did you meet him?”

“His name is Reyan. We met four weeks ago when he came to my school to give a presentation.”

“This guy must be a really special guy because you’ve known him for only about four weeks and you’ve dumped Don whom you’ve dated for two years.”

“Yes, he is.”

“So, is he as into you as you are into him?”

“I think so.”

“Then, how come you’re spending Christmas alone?”

“He has a girlfriend.”


“He told me before we went out for dinner–“

“You and he went out for dinner?”

“Yes, on the Saturday after he came to the school. We spent a very pleasant evening together. I told him about myself and he told me about himself.”

“Did you tell him about Don?”


“And it didn’t phase him?”

“No. We said that nothing would happen between us as long as we were dating other people.”

“Wow. Have you seen him since you had dinner?”

“Yes, we went to the sauna the day after we had dinner.”

“The sauna?” Leila was on the floor beside her. “So, was he wearing a robe or just a towel?”

“Just a towel.”


“He has a gorgeous body. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.”

“And what about you? What were you wearing?”

“A towel. I felt funny wearing just that.”

“It’s better than wearing a swimsuit. I’ve been to the sauna a few times and it’s great. So, was it his idea or yours?”


“Well, if he’s into you, he will dump his girlfriend.”

“I hope so.”

“Oh, it’s your doorbell.” Leila said.

“It’s probably FedEx. I’m expecting a package.”

“Don’t get up. I’ll go.”

Addalyn sat there thinking about what Leila said. She wished she could spend Christmas with Reyan but most likely he was going to spend it with his girlfriend. She heard voices and then her heart lurched when Leila entered the room, saying, “When I opened your door, I saw this gorgeous man instead of the FedEx guy.” Behind her was Reyan.

Heart pounding, she quickly stood up. She smiled at Reyan. “Hi.”


“We introduced ourselves,” Leila told her. “I’ll run along now. I have some errands to run. Reyan, it was a pleasure meeting you.”

He smiled. “It was a pleasure meeting you too.”

Leila went over to Addalyn and hugged her. “I’ll call you. I’ll see myself out.” She said goodbye to Reyan and left.

They were alone now. “How are you?” Addalyn asked him. It had been two weeks since they last saw each other. She had missed him like crazy and had been puzzled and hurt when she didn’t hear from him. Many times she had been tempted to call him but changed her mind. For two weeks she had hoped that she would hear from him. And here he was. It felt so good seeing him again. How she longed to express her feelings for him. She realized that she was in love with him that afternoon when they were in the sauna and that was why she broke up with Don that same night.

“Not good,” Reyan replied now, his expression taut.

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been miserable because I haven’t seen you in two weeks.”

“You’ve been busy, I guess with Christmas being just around the corner and–“

“I haven’t been more busy than usual. I stayed away because of Mandira.”

“Oh. I guess you didn’t want to hurt her.”

“You’re right, I didn’t want to hurt her that’s why I couldn’t continue seeing you.”

“I understand. Does she have family here?”


“Is Christmas going to be with the family or just the two of you?” She had a crazy wish that he would spend it with her instead.

“What about you? Are you and Don spending Christmas here or with his family in New York?”

“Don and I broke up.”

He stared at her for several minutes. Finally, he asked, “Why did you and he break up?”

“I–I couldn’t continue our relationship.”

He moved closer. “Why not?”

“I was unfaithful to him in my heart and in my thoughts.”

“Did you break up with him because of me?”


He was standing in front of her now, his eyes intent on her upturned face. His heart was pounding. “I broke up with Mandira for the same reasons,” he confessed huskily.

Relief washed over her and reaching up, she pulled his head down to hers. He put his arms around her waist, holding her tightly against him as they kissed passionately. Then, she broke off the kiss to pant, “Let’s go to my room.” After removing her shoes and sweater, she grabbed his hand and took him to her bedroom.

As soon as they got there, she loosened his belt to tug his shirt out of his trousers. She hurriedly unbuttoned every single button. After dragging it off him, she ran her hands eagerly over his bare skin, her breath quick and shallow. He watched her, breathing heavily as she unfastened the button on his trousers and pulled the zipper down. She hauled his trousers down. They fell around his ankles. His underwear followed. He stood there stark naked and fully aroused.

Seeing him naked drove her wild and she covered every inch of him with hot little kisses. His head fell back and he closed his eyes, groaning. This lasted for as long as he could bear it and then, he reached down, grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up.  He pushed her down on to the bed.

She gasped when he hauled the body suit along with her underwear off.  Heat surged through his loins when he saw her naked body.  He lay on top of her and kissed her hungrily as his desire for her consumed him.  Gripping his shoulders, she kissed him back wildly.    

His mouth left hers to press hotly against her neck before it moved down her heaving chest and to her breasts.  She writhed against him, moaning when he took one nipple in his mouth while rubbing his thumb against the other. Ripples of pleasure washed over her. Her fingers gripped the sheets when his mouth burned a trail down her stomach which quivered and lower…

When he finished pleasuring her, he raised his head, breathing harshly, “Look at me, Addalyn,” he muttered thickly. He wanted her to see who was making love to her. She opened her eyes and trembled when she saw the raw desire on his face.

Gripping her legs, his fingers digging into the flesh and his gaze still holding hers, he thrust himself inside her, making her catch her breath. Unable to help herself, she closed her eyes, moaning as he moved his hips vigorously against her. “Reyan…”

Reyan closed his eyes as intense pleasure washed over him. He had dreamt about this moment for such a long time. It felt so good and so right. It was as if they had become one flesh.

Some time later, lying there, spent and sated, he turned his head and looked at her. “Will you spend Christmas with me?” he asked.

She smiled and nodded. “Yes, I will.” What could be better than spending Christmas with him?

She spent the entire Christmas week with him at his flat. On Christmas Eve, they attended church. Afterwards, they went to the Westminster Abbey Christmas concert. They woke up late on Christmas morning and had a late breakfast before opening presents.

After they finished opening their presents from friends, family, co-workers and her students, she opened the one from him. It was neatly wrapped with expensive paper. A card was attached to it. She gently removed it from the box, opened the envelope and read the card. It said, “Merry Christmas. Christmas is more special now that you are in my life and I look forward to many more holidays together.” She smiled at him and said, “Thank you,” before leaning over and kissing him.

He smiled. “You’re welcome.”

She put the card down and carefully unwrapped the present. It was as she suspected a jewelry box. It was dark red with a bow on it. Very pretty. It was probably a necklace. Excited, she opened the box and inside was a small red velvet box. She stared at it. Was it still a necklace or a pair of earrings? She opened the box and gasped when she saw the ring. Her eyes darted up to his face. “Is this what I think it is?”

He nodded. “Yes. Addalyn, I want marry you because your beautiful face is the one I want see every morning when I wake up and your lips are the only ones I want to kiss every night before I go to sleep. After being with you these last few days, I can’t imagine not being with you for the rest of my life. And when you love someone as much as I love you, getting married is the only thing left to do. So, will you marry me?”

She nodded and managed to say, “Yes,” before bursting into tears.

He took the box from her, removed the ring and taking her left hand, he slipped it onto her finger. It was a perfect fit. Then, he put his arms around her and hugged her tightly, closing his eyes. All he wanted for Christmas was her and now she was his forever.

Source: Londonist; Holiday Cards APP; Witty Profiles; The Bridal Box;

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