Jozsef Makes a Move

Jozsef was in the kitchen, pouring himself a glass of brandy when the doorbell rang. He finished what he was doing before he went and answered it. He peered through the keyhole and grimaced when he saw who it was. He took his time unbolting and opening the door.

Yasmeen stared at him. He looked like he had been to dinner or something. He was wearing a black dinner suit over a crisp white shirt and his tie was loosened. He was holding a large glass in his hand. “Hi.”

She looked damned good in the top with the fine straps and the white pants which hugged her thighs. He blinked when he felt a stirring in his loins. “What are you doing here? I thought you would be out with–what’s his name?”

“May I come in?”

“Sure. Enter at your own risk.”

“Are you drunk?”

“Of course not. I never get drunk. I ask you again, why are you here instead of with what’s his name?”

“Why are you acting like this?”

“Acting like what?”

“Like a jerk.”

“Maybe I am a jerk.” He turned and walked away. He went into the living-room and plopped himself down on the sofa.

Yasmeen walked past him and went over to the window seat where she sat. She studied him. “You’re drunk.”

“I’ve already told you that I’m not drunk. I’m having a Brandy. If I wanted to get drunk, I would drink something else. Why are you here instead of with what’s his name?”

“I’m here because I want to be here, though I can’t imagine why.” What was wrong with him? Why was he acting like this?

“So, how long have you and what’s his name have been dating?”

“I don’t want to talk about Tuma.”

He laughed caustically. “Tuma?” Shaking his head, he took another swig of Brandy. “What the hell kind of a name is that?”

“It’s an African name and it means everlasting or forever.”

His expression sobered. “Is that what your relationship with him is–everlasting or forever?”

“Jozsef, please…”

“Please what, Yasmeen? Please don’t talk about your boyfriend? Why don’t you want to talk about him, huh?”

“What’s wrong? Why are you acting like this? Did something happen?”

“If you must know, I saw Jillian tonight.”

“Where did you go tonight?”

“I went to a friend’s dinner party and Jillian was there.”

“Did you go alone?”


“Did she?”

“No. She was with someone.”

“How did it make you feel to see her with someone else?”

“I wasn’t jealous or upset if that’s what you’re implying. I was relieved to see that she had moved on.”

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“So, it didn’t bother you to see her with another man?”

“No. Why should it?”

She was relieved to hear that. “If Jillian isn’t the reason for your behavior, then what is?”

“You really want to know?”


He took another swig of the brandy before he set the glass down on the coffee table and stood up. He shoved his hands deep in the pockets of his trousers, his expression tense as he looked at her. “You’re the reason why I’m acting like this,” he muttered tightly.

She stared at him, stunned, confused. “What do you mean?”

“I’ll show you what I mean,” he muttered under his breath as he marched over to where she was, reached up and pulled her down. Before she had time to figure out what was happening, he was holding her against him and kissing her hungrily, passionately. Unable to help herself, she kissed him back, putting her arms around his waist and pressing against him.

For several minutes, they exchanged wild kisses. And then, he came up for air to declare, “I want you, Yasmeen. I want you so damned much.” Then, she was scooped up in his arms and carried to his bedroom.

He kicked open the door, took her over to the bed and set her down. Breathing harshly, he stripped her and then quickly removed his clothes. When they were standing there naked, he pulled her roughly against him, making her gasp and his mouth closed feverishly over hers, devouring it like a madman. This lasted for a while and then, she broke off the kiss to drag her lips down his body.

He closed his eyes, his chest heaving as he fought for air and he gripped her hair as she pressed her lips against his stomach. When her lips would have ventured lower, he jerked her head away from him and after kissing her fiercely, he pushed her down onto the bed and pleasured her before he made love to her.

Yasmeen clung to him, her nails digging into his smooth skin as he surged against her. Tuma was the last thing on her mind. Her mind, senses and arms were filled with Jozsef, the man she had wanted from the moment she first laid eyes on him.

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