Love in Greece Crisis: Prostitution

It’s the oldest profession in the world.  It existed since biblical times.  What causes a woman to turn to prostitution?

Women become involved in prostitution for a variety of reasons such as homelessness, child sexual abuse, mental ill health, trauma, previous sexual violence, drug and alcohol misuse, money pressures and poverty.

According to an article written in The Telegraph, during the country’s economic crisis, prostitution in Greece has soared by 150% as women who would otherwise have looked for employment elsewhere are now turning to sex work in order to care for themselves and their families.  These women are wives, mothers and young professionals.

In the video clip, married women are turning to prostitution out of desperation.  It’s the only way they could think of to feed their children.  The owner of a legal brothel seen here has had turn away women after learning that they are married as it is illegal for married women to work in brothels or studios.  Eventually they end up on the streets.

But regardless of its intention, the law isn’t stopping married women from working as prostitutes. It’s simply preventing them from operating in regulated environments and forcing them on to the streets, something which is both illegal and dangerous.

The country must stand for some decency for its citizens. The thought of married women turning to sex work to support themselves and their family is not only sickening but horrifyingly sinful.   Not to mention that fact that I read in an article that men are opting not to have protected sex so the risk of these women contracting sexually transmitted diseases and worst–HIV/AIDs increases.  These women are risking their health and lives just to take care of their families.

In my husband’s opinion, “This is awful! Married women should not be sex workers or prostitutes. Things must be pretty bad since their husbands are out of work too and cannot support their families. Their husbands need work! This is terrible.

It’s a sad state of affairs when a wife and/or mother has to turn to selling her body in order to care for her family. These women are moral but due to poverty and hardship brought on by unemployment they resort to selling their bodies NOT because they want what to but are FORCED to do so JUST to earn an income to support their families. Can you imagine your sister or aunt or mother selling herself so that she can earn money to buy a loaf of bread?

What can be done to help these women in these dark times so that they don’t see prostitution as their only way out of poverty and hardship?


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One Reply to “Love in Greece Crisis: Prostitution”

  1. save us the moralistic claptrap, reverend…….we are talking here about increasing flows in goods and services, these are signs of a Greek recovery. All increases in goods and services are good, the faster the better, this is even true for increases in HIV, and drug use as the services of the medical professions, rehab centres, legit and non legit drug companies and undertakers is all positive Economic Growth, GNP goes up, and that pleases all the right people and players really in the know like the IMF and myself. I know some of you soft core economists may flinch at this. but it is all really good as lets face it the economy comes first, if lots of important and intelligent people like myself and more than a few reverends are going to be really pleased by a Greek recovery lets put economic growth first and stop moralising about the means

    And this is what is really getting on my nerves, there is too many soft-core economists that want to pussy-foot around, and hold back the Greek state with mildly good but still half baked economic measures. WHAT WE REALLY NEED HERe IS A HARDCORE ECONOMIC MEASURE, and lets face it, there is nothing better than a war at getting double digit economic growth.

    The EU USA Russia China France UK all the big weapons systems sellers need a war too, it will get all our economies moving again. The Greeks have had many wars with the Persians and Turks long ago so I think here we could structure things to solve several global problems with a focus on lifting Greece and Iran out of the doldrums with a good stoush, but no nukes, as these economic booster wars have to be carefully managed by experts like myself, and any radioactive fallout could compromise our remote management talents to get the most out of this wonderful opportunity to get Greece into double digit growth and solve the youth unemployment prob. simple and fast

    And the Iranian leadership may be well pleased as many of their young people have become very intelligent and world wise and at odds with the clerics in control, so I am sure some of the Iranian top leaders clerics etc may be partial to knocking a few of them off and getting some double digit growth in Iran too , its win win win if you stop listening to softcore economist and join with the hardcore


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