I will sing to the LORD, Because He has dealt bountifully with me – Psalm 13:6


Ranan means to sing, shout, cry out.  Ranan is often used to express joy, exultation which seems to demand loud singing, especially when it comes to praising God.

Isaiah 12:6

Proverbs 8:3

Psalm 32:11

Shir calls people to express their praises to God in singing

Psalm 96:1-6


Who sing?


Ephesians 5:19

The Redeemed

Revelation 5:9


When to sing?

Times of victory

Exodus 15:1, 21


Acts 16:25

Times of Joy

James 5:13


Why Sing?


Psalm 147:7


Psalm 27:6


Jeremiah 31:7


What to Sing about?

God’s power

Psalm 59:16

God’s mercies

Psalm 89:1

God’s righteousness

Psalm 51:14


What kind of songs?


Judges 5:12

Spiritual joy

Psalm 119:54

Physical joy

Genesis 31:27


Psalm 32:7

Singing/songs help us to stop wrestling with negative thoughts.  It shifts our focus away from our problems to God.  King David sang to the Lord in Psalm 13.

Do you wake up in the morning and find yourself humming a song that keeps playing in your mind throughout the day?  What about when you are going through a tough time and a song that is just right for your particular situation comes to mind?  I have had the experience where I was going through a rough time and suddenly, out of nowhere, the words, “God will take care of you” started to go through my mind.  I could hear the tune.

I went and got my hymnal to see if there was such a song.  I was surprised when I saw it.  I wondered if it sounded like how I imagined it to be.  One day I got my answer.  When the hymn was sung in church the chorus was exactly how it played in my head.  Singing and songs have lifted my spirits, strengthened, given me hope, comfort and encouragement.

Two years ago a group of us went on the Great Controversy tour and we visited a place called Torre Pellice in Italy where the Waldensians hid from the Christians who were persecuting them.  We went into one of the caves where men, women and children hid.  It was cold, damp and dark.  We had to be very careful when we crawled in and we had to have torchlights, which those people didn’t have at that time.  We stood there in the cave and we thought of the people who had be flee into the wilderness and hide in caves because they would not compromise their faith.  We started to sing “Turn your eyes upon Jesus” Singing this song gave us the strength and courage and helped us to appreciate these brave men and women who ended up dying for their faith.  One of these days, we will meet them and together we will sing the song of the redeemed.

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