The Studio

“You don’t have to be a genius to see that this relationship will not last,” commented Marie as she and Caitlin sat in the corner of a trendy restaurant in the fashionable district of Chelsea.  It was celebratory dinner party for the opening of Ava’s boutique in the area.  She had invited Marie, her sister-in-law … More The Studio

The Suitor Calls

It was Friday evening.  Mr. Read was to call on her.  She felt a prickle of excitement at the thought of seeing him again.  The week had flown by quickly.  It seemed only a moment ago when she had surprised him in the library where he was composing a note which he gave to her.   … More The Suitor Calls

The Truth

“What are you doing?” she asked him, agitated.   “I am going to turn the pages for you,” he said.   She was sitting at the piano about to play something while her aunt and her visitors were sitting in the drawing- room having tea.  “I can manage,” she told him.   “Please, Helen.  I … More The Truth