All of Me

He had set the lofty goal of becoming one of the top five wealthiest men in the world and reached it at the age of thirty-five.  He bought a castle that once belonged to a Lord.  He had a large staff which took care of everything.  He had his privacy.  He had his own beach… Read More All of Me

The Refusal

“What offense did I commit, Mother?” Catherine demanded.  “All I did was turn down Mr. Nivens’ proposal of marriage.”   They were sitting outside the hotel facing the sea.  The family  was vacationing at their favorite seaside resort for part of the summer.  It was there that Mr. Nivens had proposed to Catherine and she politely… Read More The Refusal


She was rich and successful She had everything she Wanted and more… Life was exciting Full of events, parties, charities Money was never an issue She could buy whatever she wanted fly off to any part of the world. She had been in and out of Relationships. This new one seemed promising He was as… Read More Riches