The Touch

“Wow!” Velma exclaimed when Tadeas walked into her office on Friday morning. “You’re looking very corporate today, Mr. Gray. Nice suit.” “Thank you. I’m having lunch with my father at his club and they have a dress code there.” “I see. And which club is this?” He told her. “Oh. That is an upper class,… Read More The Touch


She is mentioned three times in the Book of Esther. Zeresh was the wife of Haman, the Agagite, the “enemy of the Jews” because of his deep hatred for Mordecai, the Jew who refused to bow and pay homage to him like everyone else. When Haman’s joy at being invited by the Queen Esther to… Read More Zeresh


Keturah was Abraham’s wife after Sarah died. Her name means “incense”. We don’t know much about her except that she bore him six sons. Their names were Zimran “musician”, Jokshan “snarer”, Medan “contention”, Midian “strife”, Ishbak “he releases”and Shuah “wealth.” From Midian came the Midianites or Arabians, including Zipporah, Moses’ wife. In 1 Chronicles 1:32,… Read More Keturah

Hard Times

He had no use for people.  As far as he was concerned they were worthless beings.  They were greedy, selfish, heartless, devious, dishonest and treacherous.  They were backbiters and haters.   He once had lots of friends.  That was when he was rolling in money.  Foolishly, he was extravagant with his wealth and his favors.  Whenever… Read More Hard Times