International Women’s Day 2022

Ever wondered how International Women’s Day began? Well, the woman behind the annual day of recognition of women was Theresa Malkiel, a Russian-born Jewish woman living in New York City. As head of the Woman’s National Committee of the Socialist Party of America (SPA), she established an annual National Woman’s Day which was the precursor to International Women’s Day. Theresa… Read More International Women’s Day 2022

Sarah Doremus

They call me, “the mother of Missions.”  I suppose it’s because many missionaries came and went from her home.  I have been interested in foreign missions ever since I was a child.  And God has given me the opportunity to engage in this interest. My husband, Thomas is a merchant like my father was and… Read More Sarah Doremus

With One Stroke

My name is Lyda Newman and I was born in Ohio.  I’m an African-American woman, inventor, women’s rights activist and a hairdresser.  One day, I thought to myself, why don’t you invent a hairbrush?  The current ones were made of boar’s hair.  I wanted the process of brushing hair to be more hygienic and efficient.… Read More With One Stroke