The Storms

God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble – Psalm 46:1 Some trials are like thunderstorms—ephemeral—they come suddenly and then are gone within a short time.  Other trials linger until we wonder if we will ever come out of them.  During those times, what do we do?  Do we let ourselves … More The Storms

The Waters of Life

She thought of the sea as one’s life.  Never static. Always moving. Sometimes it was calm and others time it was choppy.  Before she found Christ, she wanted to remain in the shallow waters where it was safe.   She didn’t want to be swept away by the currents of change or the rough waters of … More The Waters of Life

A Friend’s Advice

Perfume and incense make you feel good, and so does good advice from a friend – Proverbs 27:9 Nothing is sweeter than the frank advice of a friend offered out of a loving heart. Just as perfume pleases the senses and lifts your spirit so does sharing your troubles with someone who cares the burden is … More A Friend’s Advice

Broke to Blessed

He sat in a corner under the bridge.  It was raining so he huddled against the wall, wrapped in his dingy blankets, trying to keep warm.  He longed for a cup of coffee but he didn’t want to go out into the wet to beg.  From where he sat, he could see the busy street … More Broke to Blessed