A Painful Truth

James looked at Jane, his face pale.  “You love this other woman?” she asked again, her voice trembling, her own face ashen. He nodded.  “Yes.” Jane collapsed in a nearby chair, feeling sick.  “Who is she, James?” “She’s a negro nurse I met in North Africa.” “She’s negro?” “Yes.  That’s why she said we can never see each other again.” “If-if… Read More A Painful Truth

In Hot Water

The maid pointed.  “That was where they were sitting when it hit.” “They?” “Yes, the lady and her companion.” “Her companion?  She wasn’t alone?” “No, Sir.” “Who was her companion?” “Mr. Martindale, another hotel guest.” “Were they together often?” “Yes, Sir.  They were always together.” “Thank you.” “You’re welcome, Sir.  Will that be all?” “Yes. … Read More In Hot Water