“I heard you just wrote a book.” “Yes. Two Hands are All I’ve Got.” “What do you know about fighting in war, Mister, seeing that you hid behind your religion when the time came for you to defend your country?” “I know more about war than you think, young man.” “I doubt that. Have you… Read More War


“Why are you being so nice to me?” The woman asked the black teenager as she unpacked the groceries.  She had hurt her ankle in a fall and was told to rest it for a week. The girl, her neighbor, offered to assist her until she was fully recovered.  She was following the example of… Read More Neighbor

Defending Joe

  “Mommy, Mommy,” Kevon cried, running to her.  Alarmed, Inez reached down and picked him up. “What’s the matter, Baby?” she asked. “Grandma said that Daddy’s in Hell because he killed a man.” “Go and tell Auntie Hilda goodbye while I speak to Grandma.”  She put him down and he ran off. Inez turned to… Read More Defending Joe