A Secret, the Past & Declarations

“You have something you want to tell me?” “Yes. It’s something which I’ve never told anyone about.” She stared at him, wondering what it could be. “Tell me what it is.” “I’m Jewish.” “You’re Jewish?” “Yes. My father’s parents were deported from Bratislava to Sered and from there to Auschwitz. They survived. My mother’s parents… Read More A Secret, the Past & Declarations

The Unlikely Spy

There were other reasons, too. Seventy-five percent of Jews survived in France. And so many non-Jews risked their lives to save ours. Wasn’t that our duty to defend our country too? It was our duty, absolutely – Marthe Cohn Born a French Jew in Metz, France on 13 April 1920, Marthe Hoffnung never once imagined… Read More The Unlikely Spy