The Flat Tire

Broken dreams.  Broken promises. Disappointments.  Heartache. Death.  Violence.  Lost friends. Struggles.  Racism.  Broken families.  Dead-end relationships. Two different worlds.  Two different people.  One day their worlds collided.   A flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Frantic, she tried to figure out what to do.  Had never changed a tire in her life.  She called … More The Flat Tire

Hansini’s Cross

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven – Matthew 10:32 I was moved when I read the story of Hansini, a young woman who made the decision to follow Christ, no matter what the cost.  She faced persecution from her family and the entire … More Hansini’s Cross

Let’s Talk

Mental illness is something that not many people feel comfortable talking about–at least from where I came from.  I didn’t know that people suffered from depression or bi-polar disorder.  In Guyana we used to see people walking around, dishevelled, shaking their fists and shouting and we stayed clear of them.  They were simply called mad … More Let’s Talk