His Life

What a miserable year this has been, he fumed. His girlfriend dumped him when she discovered that he’d been sleeping with her best friend. He got passed over for a promotion. And his one night stand with his co-worker, Jada had resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. 46 Words This was written for the Weekend Writing… Read More His Life

The Intruder

A storm was raging outside.  The rain was beating relentlessly against the windows.  The lightning flashed across the sky and soon followed by the loud thunderous clap.  She hated storms. And being alone in the house didn’t help the situation.  She chided herself for coming ahead of the family to this place which been closed… Read More The Intruder


Mark 14:32-42 Remember the last time you were in a really bad place or in a tough situation and when you needed your friends the most, they weren’t there or they didn’t give you the support you desperately needed? Well, it happened to Jesus. After the Passover meal, He and His disciples went to the… Read More Support