No Sale

  “Mother, you can’t be serious,” Matt exclaimed. “I’m dead serious, Matt.  I’m going to sell the house.  It’s too big for me.  All of you kids have moved out and have your own families.  I’m going into a retirement home so it doesn’t make any sense for me to keep the house.  I’ve gotten… Read More No Sale

Cute Talk

“I can’t believe that Luke Perry is dead.” “Who’s Luke Perry?” “He was before your time, Andrea.  Here’s a photo of him.” “He’s cute but not as cute as Shawn Mendes.” “Who’s he?” Andrea rolled her eyes.  “Really, Mom?  You don’t know who Shawn Mendes is?” “No.” Sigh.  “Here’s my wallpaper of him.” “He’s cute… Read More Cute Talk


They started out as friends. Talked for hours on the phone. Went out for pizza or to the movies when they didn’t have any other plans.  Some Saturday nights they would order in spicy Thai food while watching classic or foreign movies.   They didn’t know exactly when their feelings for each other began to change.… Read More Friends