New Shirts & the Step-daughter

“Hello, Gideon.” “Hello, Pete. How are Fiona and the kids?” “They’re doing well, thanks. How is Ruth?” “She’s fine, thanks.” “And how are things between you and Chelsey?” Chelsey was George’s step-daughter. “They’re much better.” “Good. I’m happy to hear that. Here to buy more shirts?” “Yes. This the only place in the world where… Read More New Shirts & the Step-daughter

Tough Times

“How’s it going, Joni?” Radica asked me as we stood outside of the antique shop. I look at her.  How would she react if I were to tell her that in exchange for free rent I’m having sex with my landlord?  I’ve no choice.  I’m a single mother.  I can’t lose my apartment.  So, it’s… Read More Tough Times