The Touch

“Wow!” Velma exclaimed when Tadeas walked into her office on Friday morning. “You’re looking very corporate today, Mr. Gray. Nice suit.” “Thank you. I’m having lunch with my father at his club and they have a dress code there.” “I see. And which club is this?” He told her. “Oh. That is an upper class,… Read More The Touch

The Handkerchief/Crossing #write photo

Two years had passed since her sister died here.  She found her in the river, among the rocks under the bridge, barely alive.  Her words still haunted her.  As she held her in her arms, Rosemary gasped, “Dangerous…he…pushed…me…” “Who’s dangerous?  Who pushed you? Rosemary?  Rosemary?”  There was no answer.  Only silence.  Her beloved sister was… Read More The Handkerchief/Crossing #write photo


They started out as friends. Talked for hours on the phone. Went out for pizza or to the movies when they didn’t have any other plans.  Some Saturday nights they would order in spicy Thai food while watching classic or foreign movies.   They didn’t know exactly when their feelings for each other began to change.… Read More Friends