A Beautiful Mess

Photo by Ted Strutz He had gotten himself in a beautiful mess.  Engaged to one woman and in love with another.  It had been weeks since Leticia came to his office to confront him after someone had told her about the engagement.  She had asked him why he was marrying Camilla if he didn’t love …

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Weekend Writing Prompt #94

Her vision was slowly fading.  Things were becoming indistinct. Yet, she could still find many reasons to smile. 18 Words This is for the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox. For instructions, click HERE.

The Afternoon Tradition

As she drank her tea, she thought of her grandmother. Grams would have turned 90 today.  How she missed her. It was Grams who got her into the habit of drinking tea in the afternoons.  She thought of the times when she used to walk over to Grams' house after school and sit at the …

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