She’s my friendly enemy.  She has a way of acting gracious whenever she invites me to one of her soirees but at the same time, making me feel unwelcome.  What have I done to this woman, I often ask myself but am clueless.  Was it to do with culture or race?  Or do I just… Read More Clueless

Stand Up

“I’m tired of hearing people say, all lives matter.” “Well, they do.” “I’m not saying that they don’t.  All I’m saying is that when people say that they are downplaying the Black Lives Matter Movement.” “Black Lives Matter Movement sounds militant.” “It isn’t.  It’s a cry for justice, a cry to end the systemic racism… Read More Stand Up


Does a spring yield at the same opening sweet and bitter water? – James 3:11 The words poured forth like the waters of the dam, gushing out without restraint.  They had been bottled up all morning, threatening to break loose but somehow she had managed to keep them in check.  On the ride home on… Read More Forgive