Your Anchor

You are my help and my deliverer – Psalm 40:17 Sometimes we are so overcome by problems and troubles that we feel like we are sinking and there’s nothing we can hold onto to keep afloat or a least keep our heads above water.  It’s so easy to let go.  Yet, we are encouraged not … More Your Anchor

Cyclone Randy

I’m sitting here in a restaurant on the coast, hungry but still not sure of what to order.  I was alone.  It’s not often that I have dinner alone but this time was different.  After dating on and off, I decided to end my relationship with Derek.  Emotions weren’t involved in my decision.  I exercised … More Cyclone Randy

Colton’s Problem

Woe to those who rise early in the morning, that they may run after strong drink, who tarry late into the evening as wine inflames them! – Isaiah 5:11 “What are you doing here?” His breath reeked of alcohol.  He was on the floor, his hair disheveled, the empty glass lying beside him.   “Go away,” … More Colton’s Problem

Shades of Love

For the first time in his life, Maxwell was in love. The problem was–his family wouldn’t approve.  Why?  The object of his affection was a very dark skinned Nigerian woman.  He was a light skinned black man with blue eyes whose parents were light skinned blacks from Barbados.  He always had a weakness for dark … More Shades of Love

The Flat Tire

Broken dreams.  Broken promises. Disappointments.  Heartache. Death.  Violence.  Lost friends. Struggles.  Racism.  Broken families.  Dead-end relationships. Two different worlds.  Two different people.  One day their worlds collided.   A flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Frantic, she tried to figure out what to do.  Had never changed a tire in her life.  She called … More The Flat Tire