Chosen to Go

In the early morning glow, her face looked pale as she returned her son’s gaze.  “Do you really have to go, Hank?” she asked.  He’d just told her that he was moving to Cotonou. “Yes, Mother.  The church there needs a pastor and I was chosen.” “But Benin’s so far away.  You’ll be leaving everyone… Read More Chosen to Go


“When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer” –Psalm 94:19. This is so true.  Whenever I have doubts about my ability to perform a task, God always reassures me through His word or someone that I can do it.  Just recently, I was having second thoughts about a position at… Read More Doubts


They met in Paradise Island.  She had taken a spontaneous trip to the island.  It was to get away for a while.  She had just broken up with Lemarr, the treacherous cur.  He two-timed her with her best friend. She saw them one morning outside of his building, holding hands and kissing.  Not wanting to… Read More Paradise


She got the news that morning and as soon as she got back to her desk, she texted her boyfriend, Rob.  “I just got promoted to Managing Editor.  They absolutely loved the profile I did on Rosalind Spencer, the famous Haute Couture designer who recently launched her new cosmetic line. Let’s go out and celebrate tonight.  Pick me up at 7:45”… Read More Promotion