Finding Nata

Nata. Dakar. The date.  These were scrawled at the back of the photo I held in my hand.  I found it among my brother’s belongings.  An intrepid missionary, he had traveled to Senegal to share the Gospel.  He died shortly after his return.  Who was Nata?  Finding Nata soon became an obsession. 52 Words

The Lapel

“The interview will commence in ten minutes so you need to go over there and fix his lapel.”  Rhea was mortified.  “I can’t,” she protested. “Don’t be silly,” Angela snapped.  “You’re responsible for making sure that the guests look good in front of the camera.  Now get over there and fix the lapel or you… Read More The Lapel

Liz’s Mom

Liz was going through one of the boxes in the basement when she came across a photo of her mother playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  She was wearing a pretty pink dress with a white sash.  She smiled as she remembered her mother telling her how much she loved this game which existed… Read More Liz’s Mom

Cute Talk

“I can’t believe that Luke Perry is dead.” “Who’s Luke Perry?” “He was before your time, Andrea.  Here’s a photo of him.” “He’s cute but not as cute as Shawn Mendes.” “Who’s he?” Andrea rolled her eyes.  “Really, Mom?  You don’t know who Shawn Mendes is?” “No.” Sigh.  “Here’s my wallpaper of him.” “He’s cute… Read More Cute Talk