Cell Wrap

Charlotte bristled when she walked into the living-room and saw her fiancé, Avery taking selfies.  Seriously, Dude?  She’d a good mind to chuck his phone.  He spent more time with it than with her.  She had herself to blame, though because she’d encouraged him to get the darn thing. He turned around and seemed startled… Read More Cell Wrap


They started out as friends. Talked for hours on the phone. Went out for pizza or to the movies when they didn’t have any other plans.  Some Saturday nights they would order in spicy Thai food while watching classic or foreign movies.   They didn’t know exactly when their feelings for each other began to change.… Read More Friends


What is stress?  For some it is trying to prioritise the many projects they have undertaken and making decisions.  For others it is moving to another apartment; raising a family; going for a job interview; meeting their future in-laws.  Stress is knowing that the deadline for an article is fast approaching and you just can’t… Read More Stress