Gina’s Plan

“They’ve been gone for a long time,” Gina said. “Jealous?” Natalie asked, watching her closely. “Of course not!” Gina snapped. “Maybe, they’re sitting down somewhere, talking. You don’t expect them to be walking all this time, do you? Whenever Graham and I went to a park, we walked for a bit and then, we found… Read More Gina’s Plan

Greatly Mistaken

“Did you have a good weekend with Daddy?” Gina asked Cameron as he played happily with his Legos. “Yes, Mommy.” “What did you two do?” “We watched movies and played games.” “Fun weekend, huh.” “Yes. Auntie Kira’s going to have a baby.” Gina stared at him.  “She is?” “Yes.  That’s what she told Daddy, Cousin… Read More Greatly Mistaken


“What’s the matter, Eleanor?” “I’m trying to find information on Mind in the Making, you know to find out if it’s an expression or if there’s a definition I could use but all I find it some book with that name.  If it weren’t for this book, would there even be such a thing as… Read More Stumped