They’d gone too far this time.  The charity bin was busted.  Angry tears filled her eyes.  What would they do next?  Throw bricks through the windows?  Set fire to the orphanage?  Ban her from their businesses?  They treated her like a pariah because she was Protestant and refused to send her older daughter to the… Read More Divided

The Separation

Father O’Reilly had just returned from his visit to the orphanage when Sister Hughes rushed  over to him.  She looked very distressed. “Oh, Father O’Reilly, thank Heaven’s you’re back.” He looked at her, concerned.  “What is the matter, Sister Hughes?” “It’s Zendaya.” He stiffened at once.  “What about her?” “She’s gone.” His face went pale. … Read More The Separation

Chantrea’s Crusade

“Thanks for doing this interview, Chantrea. It can’t be easy for you.” They were sitting by the lake just steps from the organization where the Cambodian woman worked as a social worker. Chantrea smiled slightly. She had sad eyes and although she was in her late thirties, she looked much older which wasn’t surprising, considering… Read More Chantrea’s Crusade