Michelle waited for Baasil.  They had been seeing each other since January.  She smiled as she remembered the first time they met.  It was at the museum.  She was reading while waiting for her friend, Alison.  Glancing up, she saw him standing in front of a painting.  Suddenly, he turned and faced her.  He approached… Read More Michelle

What a Ride

I wasn’t interested in Harley-Davidson or in any of their bikes but still, I was there at the museum with Roger who was mooning over them.  He was as enamored with them as I was with him.  His eyes lit up as he looked at each display.  He knew everything there was to know about… Read More What a Ride

Passed Over

Maria Vargas paused at the display of contorted tree limbs draped across wooden rocking chairs.  It was in this very spot that the Director of the Günter Museum of Modern Art, Gerhard Wilhelm had made inappropriate advances toward her.   For months, she had been subjected to his lewd and sexually suggestive comments.  He always did it… Read More Passed Over

His Muse

The painting was almost complete.  He just had to add a few touches.  Painting landscapes was never his thing but he had been forced to paint them since…He tossed the paintbrush down and got up.  He walked over to the window and stared out into the street below.  It was quiet now.  It was Sunday. … Read More His Muse