Aunt Margery’s Visitor

Margery stood at the top of the stairs, still reeling from Antonia’s visit.  She shuddered as she remembered her adopted niece’s eyes as she cried, “You’re ruining my chances with Laird.” “Laird’s your brother—“ “Adoptive brother.” “He doesn’t love you, Antonia—“ “Because you’ve been telling him horrible things about me.” “Antonia—“ “You’ll be sorry.” Margery’s… Read More Aunt Margery’s Visitor

The Tree

She went into the den but he wasn’t there.  Setting the tray down on the table beside his laptop, she went to look for him.   After wandering into the different rooms and still no sign of him, she figured that he might be outside.  She looked out the kitchen window.  He was in the backyard,… Read More The Tree