A Painful Truth

James looked at Jane, his face pale.  “You love this other woman?” she asked again, her voice trembling, her own face ashen. He nodded.  “Yes.” Jane collapsed in a nearby chair, feeling sick.  “Who is she, James?” “She’s a negro nurse I met in North Africa.” “She’s negro?” “Yes.  That’s why she said we can never see each other again.” “If-if… Read More A Painful Truth

The Believer’s Walk/Journey #writephoto

The believer’s walk is not an easy journey.  It is fraught with fear, questions, doubts, trials, opposition and distractions.  Coming out of spiritual darkness and into God’s light takes faith, courage and determination, especially when it means forsaking old habits, lifestyles and in some cases relationships.  One has to consider what they are giving up… Read More The Believer’s Walk/Journey #writephoto