Cute Talk

“I can’t believe that Luke Perry is dead.” “Who’s Luke Perry?” “He was before your time, Andrea.  Here’s a photo of him.” “He’s cute but not as cute as Shawn Mendes.” “Who’s he?” Andrea rolled her eyes.  “Really, Mom?  You don’t know who Shawn Mendes is?” “No.” Sigh.  “Here’s my wallpaper of him.” “He’s cute… Read More Cute Talk


She sat at a small table outside of the local cafe set in the maze of streets near Piazza Antinori.  One could get lost in Florence but won’t mind at all.  It was a beautiful, bustling and exciting place.  There was so much to see. Around her mingled the sound of dishes cutlery, the clink of glasses as people toasted each other and the voices and laughter of tourists and… Read More Florence