“You’re late!” “Sorry.” “Where were you?” “At Bookmongers.”  “Again?  Why do you go there so often?” “I’ve something called vellichor.” “Vellichor?” she exclaimed.  “Is it contagious?” He chuckled.  “No.  It’s the nostalgia you feel in a used bookstore.”  “How about feeling some of that nostalgia for our relationship?” 48 Words This was written for the… Read More Nostalgia


Where was he?  She pressed against the window, trying to see through the heavy downpour.  It would be dark soon.  He said that he would have been there forty minutes ago.  It wasn’t like him to be late like this.  She tried calling his cell again but there wasn’t any answer.  She tried his home,… Read More Late

The Roses

“So, who gave you these roses?” Darla asked her friend, Shauna. Shauna froze. She’d forgotten to hide them. She always did whenever Darla came over. “My mother did,” she lied. Darla examined them closely. “They look like real roses with gold edges.” She touched each one. “They’re made out of glass!” “It’s getting late.” “You’re… Read More The Roses

Bad Date

That’s the last time I’m ever, ever going on a blind date, she vowed.  I would rather end up an old maid with a cat than suffer through another disastrous dinner with a dud.  Olivia was livid as she walked out of the restaurant.  She hailed a cab and quickly got in, anxious to put… Read More Bad Date

The Refusal

“What offense did I commit, Mother?” Catherine demanded.  “All I did was turn down Mr. Nivens’ proposal of marriage.”   They were sitting outside the hotel facing the sea.  The family  was vacationing at their favorite seaside resort for part of the summer.  It was there that Mr. Nivens had proposed to Catherine and she politely… Read More The Refusal