His Folly

“Don’t Come,” the text read. “Not safe.” He pondered it for a moment before typing, “Okay.” For several minutes, he sat in his car, facing the lake.  In the trunk were suitcases.  He was leaving town and wanted to take her with him.  How foolish was that?  He would be better off, leaving her and… Read More His Folly


He stood gazing out at the lake in front of the cabin.  “I’m glad we came for the weekend,” he said. “Me too,” she agreed.  “Too bad Megan can’t be here.” He turned around and his face went ashen when he saw the revolver in her hand.  “Joanne, what are you doing with that?” She saw… Read More Megan

The Ranch

As Mr. McGregor riffed on about how much America had changed under Trump, Leah stole a glance at Garrett and her heart skipped a beat when she found him watching her.  They hadn’t said much to each other since they arrived yesterday.  They were staying at his father’s ranch for the Christmas holidays.  It was… Read More The Ranch