The Defender

Jonathan Michael was his name.  As a young lad, he liked helping others, especially the unfortunate.   The fifth of eight children, he was the brightest and the most hard-working of the lot.  He was well-liked by his teachers and the shopkeepers who gave him odd jobs.  When asked what he wanted to be when he… Read More The Defender

Defending Joe

  “Mommy, Mommy,” Kevon cried, running to her.  Alarmed, Inez reached down and picked him up. “What’s the matter, Baby?” she asked. “Grandma said that Daddy’s in Hell because he killed a man.” “Go and tell Auntie Hilda goodbye while I speak to Grandma.”  She put him down and he ran off. Inez turned to… Read More Defending Joe


Cai stared at the moon as it hung low over the horizon.  Sleep eluded her.  Her husband, Huan was in Myanmar investigating the Rohingya massacre.  Five days had passed since she last heard from him.  She constantly checked her emails and cell for messages but nothing was forthcoming. A knock on the door jolted her. … Read More Cai