A Close Call

It was a cold day in April and he was in the café, warming himself with a hot chocolate.  He was there because he could not get a moment’s peace at home.  His wife nagged him about fixing the fence and his kids kept asking him when he was going to take them to the amusement… Read More A Close Call

New Shirts & the Step-daughter

“Hello, Gideon.” “Hello, Pete. How are Fiona and the kids?” “They’re doing well, thanks. How is Ruth?” “She’s fine, thanks.” “And how are things between you and Chelsey?” Chelsey was George’s step-daughter. “They’re much better.” “Good. I’m happy to hear that. Here to buy more shirts?” “Yes. This the only place in the world where… Read More New Shirts & the Step-daughter


“What’s wrong with Daddy?” Sara asked her mother. “Nothing, Honey.  He just doesn’t want to be disturbed, that’s all.  Run along now.” “Are you sure he’s okay?” Jack asked.  “He’s not like himself.” “War does that to people.  Now, be careful going across the bridge.  Make sure you hold Sara’s hand tightly so that she… Read More Changed