Love in the Open

Armand and I are spending the afternoon in a beautiful French rural idyll. It’s nice not worrying about running into someone we know. We can hold hands in public, something we can’t do in London because none of our friends or family suspect that we’re involved. We’re forced to hide our love. Armand and his … More Love in the Open

Come Clean

How long will you continue to live in denial? How long will you pretend that you love your husband when you can’t even stand to have him touch you? How long will you be able to hide your dislike and disgust for him? How long will you tell your lover that you will leave your … More Come Clean

In the Office

She straightened her desk, brushing off the lingering crumbs from the delicious lemon cake she had brought back with from the restaurant where she had lunch.  It was after seven. Everyone had left.  It was just the two of them.  She wondered if she wait until he came out to tell her she was free … More In the Office