As she approached his table, hatred rose in her throat like bile.  He was responsible for Dabuku’s death.  He knew that her husband had respiratory problems yet he put him on the concourse anyway.  Dabuku and another worker were working on the concourse at Victoria Station in London when a man spat and coughed in… Read More Coffee?


She sat at the window looking down at the playground where she used to go with her kids until that fateful afternoon when she was shot trying to hustle them away after learning that there was an armed suspect in the vicinity.  Her fingers gripped the handles of her wheelchair as hatred welled up inside… Read More Embittered

The Enemy

He watched them in bed together, his wife and the German soldier. Hatred rose in his throat like bile. He’d suspected that something was going on between them but didn’t want to believe it. He noticed that she slipped out of bed when she thought he was sleeping and returned hours later. One night, after… Read More The Enemy