Simón’s Temptation

And he took the path to her house  In the twilight, in the evening, In the black and dark night. – Proverbs 7:8, 9 “Man, you have to be crazy to go over there,” Felipe told Simón. “Her husband’s out of town.” “So what?  You shouldn’t be going with her.  She’s trouble.” “No, she’s not!” … More Simón’s Temptation

The Little Star

The sparkle in a grandmother’s eyes the first time she sees and holds her first and only grandchild.   He is nine years old now and the sparkle is still there in her eyes when he visits her in the  nursing home.   The Parkinson’s  has her confined her to a wheelchair  now but it cannot take … More The Little Star

The Nursing Home

It was Saturday morning and Andrea was at the nursing home visiting Mrs. Alvarez, dear woman whom she met through her grandmother.  After her grandmother passed away, Andrea continued to visit Mrs. Alvarez who was always delighted to see her.  She was in a wheelchair and although she was ninety years old, her mind was … More The Nursing Home

The Great Divide

A grainy photo of a child, a beloved grandmother. Survivor of the Holocaust. Deceased.  God spared her from witnessing the hatred that has gripped the nation– the country that she had called home for so many years.   It was the same kind of hate which had invaded, occupied her country and imprisoned her and over 400,000 Jews in the … More The Great Divide