Hester Sue

“Church?  Pfft.  Church ain’t for me.” “Why not Hester Sue?” “Don’t wanna to be around no sliders and dividers.” “Sliders and dividers?” “Backsliders are folks who go back to their nasty ways.” “And dividers?” “They always dividin’ the church.” “Do you still worship?” “Yeah, I still worship.  In the wine vault while the folks at… Read More Hester Sue

From Good Stock

“Could anything good come from Clarington Cross?” She bristled as she remembered the disparaging, rhetorical question posed by Mrs. Danvers.  Miserable woman.  Who did she think she was? Sticking her thin nose up in the air like that as if she smelled a rat.  Well, this lass was no rat.  She had brains and a… Read More From Good Stock