Flowers From Larry

“I would like those flowers, please.” “Sure. What’s the occasion?” “My brother’s funeral.” “Very sorry to hear that. What happened?” “He was found shot outside of his house.” “Oh, no. How horrible for his family. Does the police have any suspects?” “There aren’t any suspects. It was suicide.” “Suicide?” “Yes. He couldn’t live with what… Read More Flowers From Larry

Dinner With Miller

She stormed out of the office and drove to her favorite spot, an abandoned field with wild flowers and a particular tree with twisted limbs that seemed to reach for the sky and the clouds like giant floating pieces of cotton wool moved ever so slightly across its expanse. Overhead, seagulls soared, their cries piercing… Read More Dinner With Miller

God, the Restorer

He remembered the day he proposed to her as if it happened just yesterday.  She was waiting for him on the train tracks where they met one fine summer day.  As he approached, holding the wild flowers behind his back, she turned and smiled that smile that melted his heart.  She looked beautiful in the… Read More God, the Restorer