Aunt Margery’s Visitor

Margery stood at the top of the stairs, still reeling from Antonia’s visit.  She shuddered as she remembered her adopted niece’s eyes as she cried, “You’re ruining my chances with Laird.” “Laird’s your brother—“ “Adoptive brother.” “He doesn’t love you, Antonia—“ “Because you’ve been telling him horrible things about me.” “Antonia—“ “You’ll be sorry.” Margery’s… Read More Aunt Margery’s Visitor


She looked at the odd shaped structure.  It was covered in moss.  Everything else seemed to fade into the background.  It reminded her of when she visited the Accademia Gallery and she saw Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of Israel’s most beloved king, David.  Her eyes were fixated on the figure, moving towards it as if hypnotized.  The… Read More Giulia


Although Lily was small in stature, Ordinary and poor, she did radiate Confidence and faith that she Was the perfect choice for the Job of governess.  Like her heroine Jane Eyre she was not to going to Be Intimidated by Mr. Thornber.   He may be big, boisterous and brusque But she could match his demeanour… Read More Lily