Slavery and Grooming

“What’s on your mind?” Mats asked Abi. She looked like she was thinking about something. “Downtrodden doozies and winded waxers.” “I’m sure you’re going to explain what you mean.” “Downtrodden doozies are people who are mistreated because they are thought to be troublesome, difficult or problematic. When slaves rebelled against their masters, they were seen as troublesome… Read More Slavery and Grooming

Mom On Her Soapbox

“Mom, what’s a paradox?” “It’s a self-contradictory statement.  An example is all men are treated equal.” “It’s all men are created equal and how’s that a paradox?” “The Declaration of Independence states, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are treated equal.’  That’s contradictory.” “Um, it’s all men are created equal.” “Well,… Read More Mom On Her Soapbox

Pakistan’s Senate Passes Domestic Violence Bill

I read this evening on the website for Violence is Not Our Culture about the passing of domestic violence bill in Pakistan.  VNC congratulated their partners Baidarie Sialkot and Shirkat Gah and other civil society groups and women’s human rights activists who have been campaigning over the past few years to pass this bill. Baidarie… Read More Pakistan’s Senate Passes Domestic Violence Bill